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Camaraderie, conservation, and community.

For 60 years, our club has worked to promote the sport of fly fishing throughout the Pacific Northwest by keeping those values at the heart of everything we do.


Meet our leadership.

Through classes and workshops, organized outings, and our valued partnerships within the local community, we:


  • Enhance the quality of the sport by emphasizing the art of fly fishing

  • Encourage others to participate and expand their understanding through outreach

  • Improve marine habitats through public education and hands-on conservation activities


We welcome and unite enthusiasts of all backgrounds and skill levels.


Join our supportive community of anglers to explore local waters, improve your techniques, and be part of Edmonds' vibrant fly fishing tradition.

Giving Back


Nonprofit Status

Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds is a registered nonprofit organization. Our subsidiary, the OFF Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) that gives annual donations to support fishery enhancements.

Learn more about the organizations we support by visiting our Conservation page.

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